The World of AI Engines
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Aingine™ [Prounced as Engine with an 'A' - Angine] is an AI powered engine that can be used to automate various individual processes within the business cycle, from automating lead generation with up to 70% conversion rates, and sales aingine to automate sales close cycle process, and other applications that will be added soon. With the power of artificial intelligence, Aingines provides multiple AI engines to easily deploy, automate and grow your business in real-time.

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FunnelAI captures leads from multiple sources in real-time who are looking for products or services businesses have to offer, and leveraging our automated nuture-bot to engage them in real-time and hands over the prospects to the business owner to close the sale successfully. All done by using artificial intelligence and in real-time saving time, resources and cutting down the sales close cycle by 90%. Learn More About FunnelAI